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The strategic locations of our warehouses in the UK, ensure that we are well situated to serve the UK market efficiently and effectively.

In addition to this, we also provide an efficient logistics function throughout Europe, which is facilitated through strategic stock holding in Antwerp, Belgium.


The safe transportation of our chemicals is of paramount importance to Ceda Chemicals.

All of our drivers are ADR qualified, offering the safe and secure transportation of hazardous cargo. They also all operate to the utmost standards and are highly reactive to your needs, ensuring prompt deliveries throughout the UK and Europe. 

All packaging and containers used by Ceda Chemicals are certified to UN standards and comply with CPL (Classification, Packaging and Labelling) and HSE (Health Safety Executive) regulations.

Our commitment to the environment

At Ceda Chemicals, we believe in supporting a sustainable future for the younger generations and we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously by handling and distributing our chemicals responsibly.

This is reflected in our membership and commitment to the Responsible Care Program administered by the Chemical Business Association.

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